Blush Edit + Sukiru Pouch

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Creyz was inspired by my siblings.

The blush edit was inspired by YOU guys.

My gorgeous clients that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for over ten years.

Blush is one of those things you guys have opinions on - and I’m here for it.

Over the years I’ve managed to interpret your specific requirements for your cheek glow, and that helped me come up with the five creamy blendable stunnacious colors below.

Bonus - FREE Sukiru Pouch with purchase!

 ★ Cool, not cold

If you are going for a soft and feminine vibe & want a that effortless pinky cheek, but you are actually totally warm on the inside.
If all this is the case... “Cool, not cold” was literally MADE for you.

No blush, please

 Pretty self-explanatory, but this is one that never gets old. If you’re blush - phobic, this will be your new bff.

★ Fem Flesh

This medium true pink shade is absolutely stunning and will instantly lift your skin, makeup look, and mood.
It is a pick me up for those of us (myself included) who enjoy a bit of color on the cheek.
It’s stunning as a lip stain too - trust me, try it.

★ Vintage vibe
If you love that bit of rustic warmth, you will absolutely love this blush. It’s not an orangey warm, it’s a pure blush pink rust shade that is so unique and flattering.

★ Bronze me up
Have I ever had a request in my ten years of makeup artistry more frequent than “bronze me up”? I created this blush color to perfectly compliment that bronzed, glowing look which I know that so many of you love. Like all the other blushes in this collection, it blends like a dream. See for yourself!

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