Creyz Bundle + Sukiru Pouch
Creyz Bundle + Sukiru Pouch
Creyz Bundle + Sukiru Pouch
Creyz Bundle + Sukiru Pouch

Creyz Bundle + Sukiru Pouch

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Bonus - FREE Sukiru Pouch with purchase!

Limited time offer. 

Meet the new home for all of your prized beauty staples! You are going to ADORE this chic, clean, super cute, plush bag. Roomy enough for ALL your essentials - trust me, we checked (and let's just say we have a LOT of favorites)! If you're a beauty-on-the-go kind of gal, you need this pouch. Just Sayin'. 

And now onto the dewiest glitziest wet looking melty shadows of your dreams that last and last and last... 

 Shana Bet - The kind of rose pink cream eyeshadow that makes you go back for more

★ Creyz - The wet-looking bronze gold eye of your dreams you will be CREYZY about? It’s here.

★ What box The vintage rose ones that don’t care what anyone else is up to, their own values, dreams, beliefs guide them.

 HBIC - The one we all love. The universally flattering shade that is a pick me up when you most need it and will make you smile when you least expect it. The one that goes with everything, and will make any look better. That will make anything feel better. That you’re excited to see - every single time. 

This silky champagne color is effortlessly gorgeous, looks good on everyone, and really really REALLY hard not to fall in love with.

That’s why it’s named HBIC.

★ Boy - The coolest shade in the collection named for the coolest one of all of us... And yes, the only boy. 

This silvery-white shade looks like liquid diamonds on the lid. It’s a perfect complement to any eye look, especially cool toned smokey grays, purple toned, midnight blues, hunter greens... the possibilities are endless.

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