Black MAGIC!


We’ve teamed up with 7th Day Shine to bring you the longest lasting eyeliner!

Pair Batya's long lasting liquid eyeliner with 7th Day Shine’s black magic powder, and voila! No more of that cracked eyeliner look, and no more dull liner. It's only bold from here on out. Get the Blackest Magic Liner, for a limited time only!

Please Note: Batya's Sukiru eyeliner CANNOT be applied on Shabbos or Yom Tov. It must be applied before but can be filled in with 7thDayShine powder eyeliner on Shabbos/YT.

Includes: 1 7th Day Black Magic Eyeliner Powder, 1 Sukiru Long Lasting Eyeliner, 1 eyeliner brush.

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