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“Smoodie” - meet the newest addition to the Creyz collection, named for mama Reyz. “Smoodie” is a gorgeous lavender silver Iridescent that is as buttery and bendable as its name suggests.
With a name like “Smoodie”, there is obviously a story. Our tale begins with an organic obsessed mother, who is a big fan of making her own healthy smoothies in which she adds everything from collagen to ginger root, and a couple of children who love to poke a little fun at said mother.
Unfortunately for her, it didn’t take her children long to realize that she has some serious trouble pronouncing the “th” sound... and so here we are today, with a jelly topper named “Smoodie”.
This is an ADDition - to the Creyz collection - and it is extremely limited.
I wish we could package this item with a sound bite of said mother trying to pronounce “smoothie”, but sadly you’ll just have to use your imaginations. Pronunciations aside…
I know you’ll love this color!

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