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Sukiru | Makeup Brushes



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Malky is that neutral everyday pink shade that you put on and it feels like your long last sister that you were separated from at birth. It’s such a unique shade with cool, neutral, and warm undertones in it and depending on what you’re wearing, it can play off of so many different colors. It’s so versatile but the thing about it is that it always looks good. Like the real life Malky herself, it can be in gym clothes and literally still look gorgeous and perfect somehow. It’s a mystery that isn’t worth cracking. Malky is totally matte and dries down in seconds. It looks stunning with Bina or Victoria gloss over the top, and it’s gorgeous on its own as well! Malky is that perfect handbag shade to throw on whenever you’re in desperation mode and it’ll make you feel better every time. It just knows exactly what to do. 💓

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