The Story Of Sukiru

Sukiru Beauty was started for one purpose only: to give every face the tools needed to master the intricate art of makeup.
Anyone can do makeup.
Makeup is an art that taps into our inherent abilities to engage, play, and create.
Skill shouldn’t just be for the professionals - Sukiru was born to give everyone the products and confidence they need to take full control.
After working with thousands of brushes over more than 10 years, I realized how utterly useless some of the shapes and makes were of the tools currently available on the market. How did so much of the makeup industry become about marketing, leaving the consumer confused and discouraged?
How every ‘brush set’ contained at least 30% of absolute junk that I never found myself reaching for.......
After studying every- single- brush I could get my hands on, the good, the bad and the ugly, I sought out to create the most perfect, ideal and unique set.
After two diligent years, my prototypes were finally born.
Every single brush-shape you see here was maximized to perfect the purpose it was intended for. Every single hair was chosen with exacting intent. There is no brush in this set that isn’t vital.
There is no brush that wasn’t approved by both experts in the field and complete beginners.
In Japanese, Sukiru means ‘skill’.
Anyone can learn a skill.
You have the power.
You have the brushes.
Creating starts now