Sukiru Beauty was started for one purpose only: to give every face the tools needed to master the intricate art of makeup. Anyone can do makeup. Makeup is an art that taps into our inherent abilities to engage, play, and create.

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After beautifying over 8,000 faces and working with every brush in the industry,

Pro Makeup Artist Batya Reyz (@makeupbybatya) knew exactly what she needed in her brushes and she set out to make the perfect brush set.

After working with thousands of brushes over more than 10 years, I realized how utterly useless some of the shapes and makes were of the tools currently available on the market. And then, Sukiru was born.

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★ Cool, not cold

If you are going for a soft and feminine vibe & want a that effortless pinky cheek, but you are actually totally warm on the inside. If all this is the case... “Cool, not cold” was literally MADE for you.

 No blush, please

Pretty self-explanatory, but this is one that never gets old. If you’re blush - phobic, this will be your new bff.

★ Fem Flesh

This medium true pink shade is absolutely stunning and will instantly lift your skin, makeup look, and mood.
It is a pick me up for those of us (myself included) who enjoy a bit of color on the cheek.
It’s stunning as a lip stain too - trust me, try it.

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