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Be Kind

Be Kind

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This everyday wearable your-lips-but-better matte nude is a must have. It’s the only shade that I didn’t name after anyone specific in this entire line. The reason for that is one of my core values is to be kind, every single day, and I hope this lipstick can act as a constant reminder of that. It’s an every day, wearable shade that I hope can inspire you to be exactly like yourself, just a little bit more kind. I hope this color gives you strength to be your best self! It’s a matte formula without any glitter and shimmer. It can be layered up for a bolder effect or sheered out for a “hint” of color! I personally love wearing it with a bit of Sukiru bff lip mask over the top for every day! Enjoy it 💓 and Be Kind! You never know what demons the people around you are wrestling with.

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