Brow Game


Now introducing the Sukiru Brow Game! 

Your brows have been needing a level up for a while.

We got you.

Over the years, we've gone on a collective journey with our brows, we felt like. From over plucking against the advice of our frantic mothers, to desperately waiting and saying daily prayers for them to magically grow back, they have been on our minds for quite some time. They are something we have known and loved and obsessed over, and that's why we needed to create our newest and brightest shining star, the Sukiru Brow Game.

This double sided angled brow pencil and spooly will change your brow game forever. The weight, grip, and precision were designed for easy use; to achieve that perfectly sculpted natural brow that lasts and lasts. 

Your best brow life is just starting.

Just you wait ;)

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