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Sukiru | Makeup Brushes



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Adina is a your-lips-but-better kind of shade with a neutral mauve-pink twist. She’s dependable, reliable, and knows exactly what she is. If you know exactly who you are at all times, what you like, what is your vibe and what it is most certainly not, you’re an Adina. This shade was named after my middle sister who just always is herself, no matter what, every second of the day, in the best way. This shade will compliment your skin tone and never be too much, too loud, too obvious, or feel like you’re wearing someone else’s lipstick on your face. The formula is super creamy, smooth, and long wearing. It can be worn more sheer if applied with a lip brush and really blended into the lips, and more opaque if layered on with two coats. If you’re an Adina, you already know if you need this shade in your life or not!

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