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Sukiru | Makeup Brushes



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This gorgeous deep red looks expensive, totally classy, and is super brightening. Having a bad day? No worries, you have 13a13y! This shade is completely matte with zero shimmer. Like this entire collection, the formula is extremely comfortable yet long lasting. It forms a stain on your lips and can be used with a gloss over the top for a little moisture! You can layer this shade to get a deeper red or use a tiny amount and sheer it out for a softer effect. 13a13y is the second shade in the collection named after Benjamin! His basketball number while in elementary school was 13, and he loved it so much that he dropped the traditional “B” and spelled his name “13enjamin” growing up. Since I’m also a “B” name, he decided to refer to me as “13atya” and to honor that, 13a13y was born!

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Every single item that you see took a full year to create, formulate, and bring to you. 
I hope it brings you some joy.