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Sukiru | Makeup Brushes



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Aliza is that perfectly pink shade that lights up any room. It’s so much fun, and it has so much life and energy. It’s a great shade for smiling, laughing, eating as many ribs as you want, and having the best time. Aliza is also a matte medium shade, and personally I love it with a lip liner and a drop of gloss in the center. It is a brighter toned mauve rose shade with a hint of berry in it, so even though it’s pigmented it isn’t too loud. Aliza is a great shade to mix into your collection because it’s a fun pop of color with one coat blotted out, and you can make it super hot and vavavoom with two coats. I love this shade with a neutral toned outfit on a night out. It can transform any look by giving it that punch of pink. When Aliza’s in the room, you can’t miss her!

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