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Sukiru | Makeup Brushes



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This is the most perfect muted red matte lip that did ever exist, if I do say so myself. And I feel totally compelled to do so, while also feeling completely unashamed about it, because that is what Daniella is all about. Saying it like it is, not holding anything back, and not having any reservations. This bold shade is totally gorgeous and doesn’t care what you think, but also knows you think it’s totally gorgeous, but like it really doesn’t care. Daniella is bold and vivacious and strong, just like the real life Daniella. As I’m sitting here and writing this, in fact, Daniella just sent me a boomerang of herself at the gym where she lifts, like, 300 pounds. Or something. God knows I can’t keep up. Anyway, this shade is a perfect deep but muted red that is completely matte, long lasting, strong, confident and beautiful. Great for a night out, or any other time you just want to look, like, really really good. It’s also my favorite shade on brown or hazel eyes, because it really brings out those flecks of honey & gold. If you want an amazing, unique, assertive shade in your collection, Daniella is for you!

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