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Sukiru | Makeup Brushes



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This muted berry toned lipstick reminds me of the shade that my longest best friend Rachel wore to her wedding, almost eight years ago (we’ve been besties since the ripe old age of 7!). It’s a little bit berry, a little bit pink, not too light, not too dark, and a whole lot of gorgeous! It’s a very fun shade that will add a lot to any make up look. The real life Rachel actually has these gorgeous huge green eyes, and I remember thinking how beautifully the shade she wore to her wedding complemented her eye color. If you have green or hazel eyes, this shade will really make them pop! It’s also a cool toned shade that will make your teeth look whiter when you smile. It is completely matte, long lasting, and creamy like the rest of these beautiful colors! If you get a Rachel, you will hang onto it for life. That’s just a fact.

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