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Sukiru’s Hands Free Blender

Sukiru’s Hands Free Blender

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Hey, you! Yes, you.

Do you struggle to blend out your foundation? Do you never feel like your contour is properly smoothed out? Do you wish you can fill in pores, fine lines and texture just a little bit more? Do you sometimes do your make up and feel like you wish it could look more professional and seamless? No matter what you do or how much you blend, do you always feel your foundation is cakey or not sitting well?

Or, are you a makeup girly or MUA who can’t feel her hands after blending?

Well then… this epic electric brand new brush is for you!!

With our soft spending technology, we have created the ultimate makeup blender! Get a perfectly smooth, and flawless finish every time with the Sukiru No Hands Blending Brush. This brush will take your makeup game from mediocre to fabulous!

The brush comes with two separate replaceable brush heads, a USB charger and even a replacement base so that it can sit upright. It has all of the technology of our other incredible brushes, only this time with an added twist!

So grab her fast stock is extremely limited! We know you’ll love her as much as we do!!

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