The Y Line Set + Sukiru Pouch

$148 $192

Meet the Y line!

Bonus - FREE Sukiru Pouch with purchase!

Limited time offer

This new line of brushes was created specifically to tailor your needs.

This new set of brushes has the softest, more velvety duo-fibre brushes you ever did see.

Every single brush shape was formed per specification to smooth out skin, bring out facial features - and blend baby, blend.

The Y line was developed after hearing all the feedback from the original master set.

You guys wanted more brushes like B106 and B108 - scratch that, you guys CRAVED more.

I designed a range of 6 new brushes, all with the same delicious hairs, but with shapes and sizes, I hadn’t thought to create yet.

They’re pretty magical.

See for yourself :)

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